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You become good friends with your clients, you are friendlier than average photographers, and you don’t rush to get your job done.Matt S. (Lodi, WI)

I think what sets you apart from other photographers is your free flowing creative spirit. A lot of portrait photographers are very traditional in their locations and poses for senior pictures, but you are inventive and willing to try new things, embracing the moment, the light, location, etc. Our experience with you in Madison and in your home studio was such a memorable and fun time and your portraits turned out phenomenally!Bridget G. (Poynette, WI)

I would say that you make really good use of backgrounds so that your? subjects look their best. In Zach's photos, for example, he looked really relaxed and natural. You take the time to get to know what interests the ?people you are shooting so they are engaged in the photos. I asked Zach, and he mentioned that he really liked the way you used light?in his pictures. He thought that the lighting enhanced the photos. Plus, I don't think you are afraid to experiment.Jane K. (Sun Prairie, WI)

I think your eye is more artistic than some of the other photographers we've worked with. Your photography is very stylish!Amy L. (Plover, WI)

I think you are very quick with communication vs. other photographers. I also like that you have us come over to look at proofs on the big screen vs. just posting them online. You also provide more photo props/screens and you willing to try new things. I also like the smartphone apps you provide!Tammy T. (Lodi, WI)

I love your cute packaging. You are energetic and great with kids. Your style is simple and bright. You are accommodating and you like to try new ideas.Karissa (Portage, WI)

I have never felt rushed and you really work to get the shot we are looking for! I also feel like you keep things fresh and new! You are super creative!Chelsa V. (Stratford, WI)

What makes you different for us is your ability to somehow nail the perfectly calm, content baby photo from a baby that in reality was so, so cranky. : ) I don't know how you manage to pull out some of these diamonds in the rough. : ) You are amazingly aware and responsive to the different personalities that come with a family photo shoot and are able to feature each person in their best light simultaneously with one another. And don't let me forget to mention patience! Additionally, you have a great vision. It seemed like you knew what backgrounds and poses would work best...and they did. : )Jenn S. (Cottage Grove, WI)

Other than your extreme passion and love for photography that I am sure many share, I think you are willing to spend all the time needed to capture and memorialize the moment when many may just want to quickly get things done. I think photography for you is a part of your life, and who you are. You are so talented! Anna B. (Parkville, MO)

You are flexible, friendly, and passionate! You make it very convenient! ? We love you and your work. You are an inspiration to all working moms out there!Stephanie B. (Wausau, WI)

You relate really well to the kids and work really well with them. I think it also helps that we know you from the community and our kids don't view you as a stranger. Knowing a photographer and having a personal relationship makes a huge difference in my mind. Our kids love coming over and having their pics taken because they like YOU... and your kids. I also feel like you want me to get good portraits as much as I do... it feels like you are invested in our portraits. You are willing to take the time it takes to get good images. I have been to those photo places in the mall and they have no willingness to work with the kids. That was a frustrating experience and my last time using a photographer like that! Missy (Poynette, WI)